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Last week two friends shared their stories of failure in anger management to the point of near tragedy. Both were so furious with someone that they thought seriously about shooting them. These were two different experiences on two different continents. Both were workplace related. One is a man and the other a woman. One was a Christian at the time and the other was not. Both were stopped in the process of taking their guns to do the horrible deed. 

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How do you prepare for eternity? Recently my friend Gary Poling died quite suddenly. Two days ago I led his memorial service. Carolyn and I have now both lost our parents. More and more we’re feeling old and “next up” for facing death and passing on to the other side.

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What will be your life legacy? How can you stay motivated to build a great legacy? One man used a large picture frame. The left side had a picture of the hospital where he was born and on the right side was a picture of the cemetery where he would be buried. In the center was a big question mark.

The bookend photographs indicated his beginning and end. The center question mark was a reminder to fill the time in between with significance.

Are we filling the question mark of our time on earth with significance? I fear that many are not.

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