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CQA 015 Is divorce okay with God if things just aren’t working?

Dr. Mark Alan Williams and friends answer questions about the Christian faith: questions about the God, Jesus, the Bible, eternity, belief, religion the reasonableness of faith and others.

few weeks ago Carolyn and I were wondering if we should attend a memorial service. A pastor friend’s wife had died. We really didn’t know her very well. We decided to go. It was one of the better decisions we made that week.

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The recent gay marriage debate and decisions by the US Supreme Court have triggered reflection on the roots and the purpose of marriage. How do we know the meaning of marriage? In order to know, we have to go to the source—the Creator of marriage, Almighty God.

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Someone shared with me his terrible regret over past sins. He said, “I don’t deserve to live.” I felt terrible for him.

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This week a man I’ve never met put a comment on Facebook about my give-away eBook saying that I’m just sharing it just for money. I replied that I had not received even one penny from my eBook or from the entire website. He responded that if I ever received any money from any ministry work, that I’m a fraud and a con artist.

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